Guest Comments

Magnificent view, cozy and welcoming!  Love the hot tub too!
                                                              -- 8/31/04 Auburn, WA

We loved it, from beginning to end.  We'll be back!
                                           -- 11-27-04 Lincoln, CA

Beautiful house and gardens.   Great holiday escape.   Wonderful time for
our Christmas and our little girl's birthday. We felt at home and
completely relaxed.
                                                                           -- 11-27-04 Palm Desert, CA  

Wonderful time celebrating an addition to our family!  Welcome baby Martin !
                                                           -- 02-27-05 Arcata, Redding, Sacramento,
                                                                  Los Angeles, CA and Portland OR

We loved the view, very nice house and very beautiful.
                                                             -- 03-22-05 Indiana

  Great time.   Loved all the books and access to the beach.   We'll be back!
                                                                                 -- 05-22-05 San Diego, CA


Peaceful and beautiful.                                    Perfect!
      -- 7-16-05 Ames, Iowa                                   -- 08-7-05 Redding CA

Beautiful house and gardens.   We had a very restful vacation.
                                                     -- 08-12-05 Salt Lake City, Utah

Thank you for sharing this beautiful home.   We walked the beaches, ate
at local places, soaked in the hot tub and celebrated our daughter's
                                                                     -- 08-20-05 Alpine, AL

A great " base camp' with an outrageous backyard!    The wonderful wild
places of Humboldt !  Thanks to Erin for the help.

                                                     -- 10-7-05 Carbondale, CO and Canta, Mas

  Very relaxing!                                 Your pictures and books were great!
      -- 10-10-05 Centre, Al                                            -- 11-11-05 Redding, CA

We heard the "whale song" on Saturday!           
                           -- 11-27- 05   Waldport, OR

The sun shone all the time we were here...
                                -- 02-17-06 North River, NY

Enjoyed your beautiful, spacious, intimate home.
                       -- 06-12-06 Athens, AL , Eugene, OR, 
                                      Union City, TN , El Paso, TX

We loved making " Whalesong " our home for 3+ days.   Trinidad , Big Lagoon
and " Whalesong " hold special memories for us and we did see a grey
whale close to the beach.   Thanks!   Hope to visit again, soon.
                                                                                                        -- 08-2-06 Mass

Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us.  What a comfy place ;
we appreciate such a special song, " Whalesong ".

                                                                                   -- 11-6-06 Placerville, CA


A lovely setting and a charming home.        PEACEFUL, LOVELY ,  FANTASTIC !
                  -- 03-26-07 San Anselmo, CT                                -- 04-7-07 Chico, CA


Picturesque!                          AMAZING! SUPER!  LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!
-- 04-15-07 Pasadena, CA                         -- 05-5-07 Studio City, CA and Boise, ID

House and gardens are beautiful and peaceful.
                                    -- 05-11-07 Bronxville, NY,
                                               San Francisco, CA  
                                               and South Africa: 

  Wish we could have stayed longer. An Ideal weekend!
                                                         -- 05-17-07 Austin, TX

Awesome accommodations in tranquil Trinidad .    Beautiful gardens!
                                                                            -- 06-5-07 Glendale, CA

Beautiful house in the most scenic place on earth.    We'll be back!
                                                                       -- 07-9-07 Suffolk, VA

  Beautiful, cozy, lots of fun!
-- 07-16-07 Bloomington, IN,
                Portland, OR and 
              San Francisco, CA

A gorgeous place on a very different looking west coast.    A magical and
cozy abode in the most beautiful town!   Thanks.
                                                          -- 08-12-07 Vancouver, B.C., Canada

A place where dreams come true.
              -- 10-2-07 Jacksonville, NC


A visit to a dream home, celebrating and remembering.
                         -- 11-13-07 Vermont, California and Texas


It's all love, space and time, magic laced with wine.
                                                                -- 05-8-08 CA

Amazing house!   Perfect birthday!                   Fantastic, peaceful, quiet.
                                  -- 05-14-08 CA                     -- 05-14-08 New York , NY

Peaceful and restorative.
    -- 07-9-08 Pleasant Hill, CA

A magical stay in a glorious spot with delightful friends!
                                                     -- 07-13-08 Ashland, OR


Gorgeous gardens and views, very peaceful            Amazing, special place!
     -- 07-17-08 Red Bluff and. Los Molinos, CA               -- 07-24-08 Pasadena, CA

1000 blessings to you.                 
       -- 07-27-08 New York City, NY

We took many pictures to remember this magical place.
                                                      -- 08/18-08 Redding, CA

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